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Technologist Meets Responder Exercise May 3-7, 2004

Day 3 Activities



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The cutting shed preparing boards for heavy object lifting and shoring. Moving a heavy object. Beginning the lift. (72kb) The cribbing gets higher. Rolling the block of concrete to another location. Now that its at the other side, how do we get it down to the ground safely?
Let it slide. Everyone stand back. Dave Odgers explaining cribbing to the technologists. Starting the cribbing to rotate the block onto its side. Everyone works as a team and has their role. Approaching the rollover point. Note the cribbing to catch the block from uncontrolled rolling.
Lowering the block down on its side. Note the cribbing still in place to keep it from falling back. Discussing the Res-Q-Tek round air bags with technologists. Working with technologists and the square Vetter air bags. Preparing to lift a heavy object with air bags. Presenting the cement breaching equipment to the technologists.
Technologists learn to use a jackhammer. Learning to use a concrete chain saw. Learning to us a concrete core drill. Is it really safe to look down the barrel of a loaded core drill? Building the test shore.
Testing the shore under load. Bob Dolci discussing the sounds of a shore under load. Note the stresses on the plywood cleats.    



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