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DART Activation's & Deployments

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Activation's and Deployments to date:

DART and/or its members deploy in support of the community on the average of once each eighteen months. Past deployments include; Loma Prieta Earthquake, Oakland Firestorm, Hurricane INIKI - Hawaii, Northridge Earthquake, San Francisco Bay Area Floods, Oklahoma City Bombing, and the New York City/World Trade Center terrorist attack.

DART can and will support the community when requested to do so. The request to support a declared disaster has to be made by a governing organization such as a local city, local counties, the State of California, or a branch of the Federal Government. In addition, the team can deploy only when the deployment will not result in a significantly negative impact on the mission of Ames Research Center. In other words, if there is a major earthquake that affects Ames, the team cannot deploy until such time as the problems at the Center are effectively dealt with.

DART has many options for deployment. All but the DART Structural Assessment Team and the DART Damage and Utility Control Team can deploy. DART can deploy as a team or functional groups within the team can deploy. Members of DART can also deploy with California Task Force 3 (CaTF-3).

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